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Current Projects

Blooms for Bees in Niagara

Building Stream Buffers for Niagara’s Rivers Project (2001 to present)

Conserving Niagara’s Forests for the Future

Past Projects

Baden Powell Park Ecosystem Enhancement Project (1998 to 2000)

Future Forest Tree Planting Program (2001)

Grassy Brook Aquatic Rehabilitation Project (1999 to 2001)

Miller Creek Habitat Enhancement Project (2013)

Naturalizing Fort Erie's Creek Drains (2012 to 2015)

Niagara River Area of Concern Fish Barrier Project (2001 to 2010)

One Mile Creek - Landsdowne Pond Biodiversity Enhancement Project (2010 to 2012)

Pelham Hills Golf and Country Club/Coyle Creek Restoration Project (2005 to 2006)

Restoring Niagara’s Short Hills Project (2010 to 2012)

Returning Nature to Niagara: Thorold–Lake Gibson Corridor Naturalization Project (2008 to 2010)

Trees for Niagara: Wildlife Corridor Enhancement Project (2005 to 2008)


In 1997, when support for the Remedial Action Plan (RAP) for the Niagara River Area of Concern was required (Read More about the Niagara River), the Niagara Restoration Council was incorporated in order to help facilitate the RAP. This was initially a temporary adjustment to the NRC’s mandate. However, given the success of the NRC’s contributions, the NRC underwent a change of direction to a project-based organization, in 2001. This was primarily done for the purpose of securing much needed core-funding. After a thorough examination of local environmental groups, it was recognized that the NRC offered a resource that otherwise was not being offered in the Niagara Region.

The NRC is now a non-profit, non-government environmental organization that runs “in the ground”, large-scale projects that utilize volunteers from all sectors of the Niagara community.

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Did you know that it can cost ten times more, to treat water contaminated by nutrient loading, than to protect that water source initially?

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