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Where is the Niagara Region?

The Niagara Region is located in the southern part of Ontario (Canada) between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Given the presence of Niagara Falls, the Niagara Region is home to one of the most renowned stretches of water in the world; the Niagara River. In addition to housing the famous Niagara Falls and Niagara River, the Niagara Region also contains several large Canadian cities, including Niagara Falls, Fort Erie, and St. Catharines.

What is the Niagara Restoration Council?

Simply put, the Niagara Restoration Council is a group of people, like you, who are concerned about the environment's health in the Niagara Region. We are motivated to work towards its restoration and long-term sustainability. We are also involved in various restoration, community education and public awareness projects, specifically focused on environmental topics. While working on these projects we like to have fun and promote a sense of community.

What does the Niagara Restoration Council do?

The Niagara Restoration Council is committed to the development and implementation of restoration, naturalization, and reforestation projects. In doing so, the NRC aims to encourage:

1) Ecosystem Improvement - the NRC seeks to improve the ecological health of areas that have been disturbed by either human or natural causes.

2) Environmental Education - we believe that it is only through education that long lasting changes can be made.

3) Awareness - the NRC makes comments and voices an environmental opinion on many issue papers, planning documents and public forums.

For further information on the NRC please click here.

What is the Mandate of the Niagara Restoration Council?

"To protect, maintain and actively restore the ecosystems of Niagara."

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